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Do I have a cure for Ebola? No. But based on symptomology and current events, I'm happy to share thoughts on the preparedness steps I'm taking - just in case.

1.  Prepare for the event of needing to self-quarantine. This means having enough food, water and personal supplies for at least 30 days. Personal supplies may be anything from prescription medicines to toilet paper and toothpaste. 

2.  ESSENTIAL OILS (think anti-microbial):  Mai Chang (Litsea cubeba) - used in China during influenza epidemics, as an inhalant and to apply topically in a 4% or greater dilution. Available from Other antiviral EO's to consider would be Thyme, Lemon and Oregano.

3.  HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES:  for vomiting and diarrhea - Arsenicum album and Veratrum album in 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C or even 30X or 30C potencies. For hemorrhage:  Phosphorus 30C, Crotalus horridus 30C. For severe headache and fever:  Belladonna 30C, and perhaps Gelsemium 30C.

4. HERBS:  Antiviral - Thyme, Elderflower. To relieve body aches - Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). Anti-inflammatory - Chamomile, Licorice, Tumeric. To protect the kidneys - Astragalus and Ceanothus (Red Root, New Jersey Tea).
Caution:  I would not use Garlic or Clove Bud as these thin the blood.
I do have supplies of the above, but depending on demand, I may run out. You can also check your local health food store or the following to obtain the above supplies:

Please read up on the recommended essential oils, homeopathics and herbs to become familiar with how to use them before you need them! While I don't usually blow my own horn, I will say that this is one of the reasons I wrote Simple Ways of Healing - which I believe will be a helpful resource here.

While the Center for Disease Control continues to state that Ebola is spread only through contact with body fluids, a segment in an older Frontline program documented its spread as an airborne infection as well. So get yourself healthy, and I would recommend making a 2 - 4% dilution of essential oils to use as a hand sanitizer, as well as a 3 - 4 x day preventative application to the throat, upper chest and upper back. 

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