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May your life be blessed with Simple Ways of Healing.
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What's available at the office, and how much does it cost?

Office fees are based on a $90 office hour. We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard or cash. Payment is due at the time of service as this helps us keep costs down and our services affordable. Did you know that as much as 33% of the cost of health care is due to the cost of paperwork and billing? Additional information about our services is available in our office brochure. Request a free copy by calling (309) 797-3271. You can leave your name and address on the answering machine if calling after hours or when I'm away from my desk.

Office Visits

Initial Consultation                     $90

Lasts about an hour. We review your health history and your current health needs. You will receive a handout on beginning a basic Naturopathic approach to health care as well as how to do basic detoxification and immune support.

Follow-up Consultation               $45

This is for established clients or to discuss acute health care concerns and lasts about 30 minutes.

Intermediate Consultation         $60
Lasts about 45 minutes

Brief Consult                                $24
10 - 15 minutes

Telephone consultations are billed at $17.50 for the first 10 minutes and $1.70/minute thereafter.

Queries by e-mail are a) discouraged and b) billed at $24 per reply. Really, it's better to phone the office as I often have to sort through 200 or more e-mails a day.

After-hours and weekend phone calls are billed at double the office rate.

Food Intolerance Analysis
Also known as the Carroll Test, to help determine which foods your body is unable to properly digest and metabolize. Incompletely broken-down foods can mimic hormones and neurotransmitters, effecting biochemical pathways and hormonal balance. Highly recommended, and generally done on the first visit.                                    $90

Bowen Therapy with Reflexology

A gentle bodywork technique developed in Australia that is highly effective for low back pain, strains, sprains, relief of symptoms associated with TMJ, asthma and so much more. Generally takes about 40 minutes.                                           $45

Custom-Blended Botanicals and Essential Oils

A formula "out of the bottle" is not always the most effective formula for you. Each person is unique. Costs depend on the herbs or essential oils used, but on average run about $10/oz.
Other services:       
    Constitutional Hydrotherapy                                $  40
    Hot Fomentation                                                 $  60
    Homeopathic Case Taking (about 2 hours)            $200

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